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Good morning, friends!

I’m here today to write not about my usual marketing tips and instead am here to share with you an email that I just sent to my own provincial Member of Provincial Parliament, the Hon. Jill Dunlop, Minister of MTCU here in Ontario.

Should you feel inclined to send your own MPP a similar email, feel free to use mine as a template!

Contact information for your own local MPP can be found here.

Want to know more about the issue at hand? Check out this Global News piece or CBC piece.

Remember, nothing changes if we take no action. Email, write and drop into the offices of your elected officials and hold them accountable for things that matter to you!



Copy + Paste this email to use as your own template 🙂

Good Morning Honourable ____________, 
I hope this email finds you in another dimension where none of this is happening and everything is fine.
This morning I woke to the news that Doug Ford has confirmed 43 parliamentary assistants to office, a position that also included a salary raise of $16,000. 
Correct if I’m wrong, by my my calculations, that equates to $688,000 in public funds that are no longer available to support social services that are direly needed in our communities. Things like health care, educational supports and mental health services.
{I see that you were personally one of the MPs who received a parliamentary assistant.} 
I would like to know what the justification is not only for this 65% increase in the number of parliamentary assistants AND also for the need for the raise in salary for all of these folks. 
It pains me to read about wage increases for politicians like yourself when folks like teachers and nurses have to fight tooth and nail to see any sort of final compensation in the way of wage increases or cost-of-living raises. As you know, Bill 124 is wage-suppression legislation negatively impacting registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and health-care professionals. It’s sexist and discriminatory and when I see it contrasted against wage increases for your colleagues and fellow members of parliament, it’s a slap in the face to many of your constituents that you claim to ‘represent’. 
It’s shameful and your party should be ashamed of the erosion of public education and healthcare that has occur under the watch of the Conservative government. 
In conclusion, I look forward to hearing from your office with justification for the excessive increase of parliamentary assistants, as well as justification for a pay increase.
I look forward to your prompt response, 

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